Quality products and unmatched customer service are the key drivers behind Perfect Aire.


From dehumidifiers of various capacities to an assortment of portable, window, and through the wall air conditioning units, Perfect Aire offers products suited to a wide range of cooling and dehumidifying needs. We also offer a variety of ductless mini-split solutions, which allow for the comfort and convenience of central air without the expensive cost of duct installation. Additionally, Perfect Aire's Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) offer excellent energy efficiency, sleek design and a low profile footprint.


Perfect Aire dehumidifiers and air conditioners use non-ozone depleting refrigerants, and our Energy Star rated units offer a perfect mix of performance and efficiency. Our products are stylish and consumer friendly as well as easy to install and operate. Units feature electronic controls, programmable thermostats and energy saving modes.


Perfect Aire Micro Mist ultrasonic humidifiers disperse water particles that are smaller than those of regular ultrasonic humidifiers. Benefits of these smaller particles include up to 40% greater output, quicker air dispersion, 25% greater room coverage, and less condensation on and around the unit.


Should you need any support with our products, please contact us - we are glad to assist you.


When you need the best, look no further than Perfect Aire®.

Our product offering includes a wide output range of Single-Zone Split and Multi-Zone Split Systems.  The option choices that have been engineered into our equipment in combination with a meaningful no hassle warranty provides our professional clientele with unparalleled value. A Perfect Aire system delivers more “bang for your buck” than any comparable equipment on the market today.


In addition to our Ductless Cooling and Heating products, Perfect Aire also offers one of the most comprehensive Room Air Conditioning (RAC) product lines in the industry today. From Cool Only, Cool & Heat and Thru-The-Wall Window AC options to Portable Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers Perfect Aire have you covered.


Today’s consumer desires more, expects more and demands more when spending their disposable income and Perfect Aire delivers on all counts. The challenging demands of the HVAC professional sector require products and solutions that deliver efficiency, comfort, quiet, flexibility and style, again Perfect Aire can deliver.

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