Wish you had the space for a personal gym or a sleek spot to entertain a crowd—without a major renovation? Look no further than your very own garage. With a few simple upgrades, you can transform this often underused space into a liveable extension of your home. Yoga studio? Yep. Family gathering spot? Absolutely.

First and foremost, converting your garage comes down to comfort. How can you keep it feeling as cozy as your home’s interior and beat its drafty reputation? We’ve got a few ideas. Make sure it’s well insulated, and even consider adding an insulated garage door. A more attractive one wouldn’t hurt, either. To make the concrete floor more inviting, either add a protective floor coating or beautify the space with some nice laminate hardwoods. Throw on an area rug, and you’re ready to host.

Keep the damp air out with a good dehumidifier. If it’s a muggy summer, you’ll never know it inside your sweet new garage.

Now for heating and cooling. There are a few ways you can go. If you want to use your central condenser, it’s possible to connect an existing air duct from your house to the walls of your garage depending on proximity.

If ductwork is out of the question, no worries. Mini-split systems make it easy to achieve energy-efficient heating and cooling without the cost or hassle of installing ductwork. This is the simplest way to enjoy zoned comfort, and the energy savings will translate to cost savings on your energy bills.

Want an even simpler solution? Purchase a window air conditioner. These are so easy to install and achieve an airtight fit. Many units also offer both heating and cooling, so you can work on your fitness or party on, all year round.