Winter is just around the corner and with it comes dry, cold, harsh winter weather. While great for things like snowboarding and cozy nights by the fire, the harshness of winter and lack of humidity in general can negatively impact a person’s skin, respiratory and overall health.

To help combat dryness, use a humidifier to added needed humidity to the air. Generally, the added humidity from a humidifier can be a benefit in these ways:

They give relief from dry skin, eyes and throats. For some people, dry air (especially in the winter) can cause skin, lips, eyes, throats and hair to become dry, brittle and frail. Using a humidifier to keep your space between the EPA’s recommended 30-50% relative humidity will help cut down on dryness and ultimately have you feeling more comfortable.

Creates an ideal environment for a good night’s sleep. For our mouth breathers especially, sleeping can seriously affect the moisture levels in our nasal and airway paths. Using a humidifier can help sooth the tissue at the back of the throat, as well as nasal passages, to help reduce snoring and improve your night’s sleep!

Prevents the spread of flu and allergens. In a 2013 study, officials found that raising indoor humidity levels above at least 40% had a dramatic effect on about 85% of airborne viruses, making these viruses virtually ineffective and ultimately helping to prevent the flu and other sicknesses.

Also, people with asthma or allergies may find that their conditions worsen with a lack of humidity. By adding humidity to that air, dry sinuses and airways can find some relief from symptoms.

Protects pet skin while reducing dander. Pet skin can get dry too! Drier skin can actually contribute to the creation of more pet dander, and even increase shedding. But, be careful to not allow humidity levels to get too high with pets in the home, anything between 30 and 50% should be perfect for you and your fury best friend.

Preserves wood floors, furniture and musical instruments. Keeping moisture levels in check in your home can help a variety of plants stay healthy, as well as keeping any wood furnishings like flooring or furniture from cracking.

Reduces static electricity and static cling. Static cling and electricity can be annoying, and the drier air in winter months means even more static cling for your laundry, and can even cause frizzy hair. Add a humidifier to help limit, or even prevent, static cling and electricity within your home.

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