• How do I clean my humidifier?

    Thoroughly clean the humidifier weekly. It is recommended that the unit be cleaned more frequently if tap water/hard water is being used. Using hard water in the unit leaves mineral deposits and creates “white mist”.

    Tank cleaning

    1. Fill the water tank 1/3 of the way with clean water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or bleach.
    2. Set aside for 20 minutes, over a sink, shake the tank every few minutes. DO NOT place the tank on the base or run the unit while cleaning.
    3. Drain and rinse the tank twice with clean water. Use a soft wash cloth to wipe down and dry off the tank.

    Base Cleaning

    1. Use a cup to fill the base of the unit with 2 cups of clean water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or bleach. Set aside for 5 minutes. NEVER submerge or place base of unit under running water.
    2. Carefully use the brush (provided) to clean around the nebulizer and loosen any mineral deposit build-up. DO NOT touch nebulizer with fingers as any fingerprints or other residue can affect mist output.
    3. Empty the cleaning solution by holding the base from the side where the brush holder is located and having the water run the opposite end.
    4. Rinse the base twice using by pouring 2 cups of clean water in the base each time.
    5. Wipe the base and outer surfaces with a soft, damp wash cloth.
  • What kind of water can I use in my humidifier?

    Distilled, filtered and soft water should be used in the humidifiers. You can choose to use tap water but keep in mind that hard water will leave deposits in the unit and will require more maintenance. You may also notice white dust coming from the mist. These are the minerals from the tap water.

  • Why is my humidifier leaking?

    First, check where the unit is leaking from. Is the unit leaking from the tank or the base? Did any water get into the base of the unit while cleaning? If the unit is leaking from the tank, make sure that the tank cap is properly screwed on and secure. Check to see if there are any cracks in the tank. Check that the base is set on a flat, level surface.

  • Why is my humidifier producing a white mist/dust?

    White mist or dust from the humidifier is caused the minerals found in hard water. This issue can be eliminated by using distilled, filtered or soft water.

  • Why is the base of my humidifier overflowing?

    If the base of the unit is overflowing please check the following:

    • Check that the water tank sitting on the base correctly.
    • Is the water tank cap secure and screwed on correctly?
    • Remove the tank cap, check that the rubber plug at the center isn’t warped and fully covering the center.
    • With your index finger press the center dowel and spring in, this will lift the rubber plug.
  • Why isn’t my humidifier producing mist?

    There’s a few reasons why the unit may not be producing mist, check the following:

    Does the unit power on? Does the red light turn green when you turn the knob to the on position?
    You should see a bright red light. When the knob is turned to the right the light should turn green.

    Do you hear any noise coming from the unit?
    The unit will make a soft humming noise while running.

    Place your hand over the mist output. Do you feel air blowing?
    If you don’t feel any air coming from the mist output the fan has gone out on the unit.

    Has the base of the unit been cleaned as per the cleaning instructions?
    Follow the cleaning instructions. Let the solution sit in the base for 5-10 mins. Pour the solution out, with a soft washcloth wipe the unit and the nebulizer down. Try running the unit again.

    Over a sink, turn the water tank upside down. There should be a small metal square along the side. Is this in place?
    The metal square is a magnet. This needs to be in place in order for the unit to work. If you are missing the magnet please contact us at 877-365-6274 to order a replacement.

    Has the nebulizer been touched?
    Please remember not to touch the nebulizer when cleaning the unit. The oils from your fingers will stick to the nebulizer and prevent mist from producing.


  • Can I use an extension cord with my Perfect Aire dehumidifier?

    It is best to plug the unit in directly to the outlet and avoid using an extension cord. If an extension cord is needed, use a heavy-duty extension cord of the appropriate gauge for your unit.

  • Does the fan always run on the dehumidifiers?

    Models PADP50 and PADP70 are the only units that run a continuous fan. The reason for this is to circulate the air in the space and improve the humidity reading. By doing so the compressor won’t run as often.

    All of the other models have a fan that cycles with the compressor. Unless the units are running on “Continuous” mode, the unit will run according to the set humidity level. The compressor will cycle off first, three minutes (3 min) after the compressor the fan will cycle off.

  • How do I turn off the filter light?

    After having removed, cleaned, dried and replaced the filter press the “Filter” button to turn the filter light off. This will reset the filter timer. The unit will indicate it’s time to clean the filter after 250 hours of running time.

  • How does Comfort mode work on my dehumidifier?

    In Comfort mode, the humidity is preset to run between 45-55%, this is based on the temperature of the room.

  • My dehumidifier bucket is overflowing but not showing an error code. What is the issue?”
    1. Remove the bucket from the unit.
    2. Check the float and foam have not been removed from the bucket and that the float isn’t broken.
    3. Make sure that the unit is level.
  • My dehumidifier is displaying an EC code. What can I do?

    A number of different factors could have caused the EC code. Please check the following on your unit:

    • Check that the filter in the unit is clean
    • Check that the room temperature is above 41 degrees
    • Check that the humidity isn’t set too low, recommended humidity is 45~50%
    • Make sure that the unit has plenty of space all around to allow for sufficient air circulation
    • If the unit is sitting on a concrete floor elevate the unit a few inches off the floor
    • Turn off and unplug the unit for 4-6 hours

    If the above doesn’t resolve the issue please contact Consumer Support at 844-472-2473.

  • What does P2 or Eb mean on my display?

    P2 or Eb means that the bucket is full or that the bucket has been removed.

    1. Remove the bucket from the unit.
    2. Check that the float and foam have not been removed from the bucket and that the float isn’t broken.
    3. In the compartment where the bucket sits there will be a silver or white tab to either the left or right, depending on the location of the float.
    4. With the unit on, press and hold the tab. If the P2/Eb error code goes away, then the tab needs to be slightly bent forward. This will allow for better contact with the float.
    5. If the P2/Eb error code does not clear, the internal switch is defective.
  • What humidity level should I set my dehumidifier to?

    The recommended humidity for a space is 45~55%. This is dependent what is in the space and what is comfortable for you. Anything above 55% is too humid and allows for the growth of mold and mildew in your home.

  • What is P1 mean on my display?

    P1 is auto defrost mode. It’s normal for the coils in dehumidifiers to frost. When this happens, the unit will go into auto defrost mode. Once the unit has finished defrosting it will go back to the programmed settings.

  • Where is the filter to the 3PAD95/4PAD95 dehumidifier located?

    The filter for 3PAD95 and 4PAD95 is built in to the back cover.

  • Why does my unit stay in auto defrost P1 or keep freezing?

    A few things to check if the unit is going into P1 often and/or freezing:

    • Make sure that the filter in the unit is clean
    • Make sure that the room temperature is above 41 degrees
    • Make sure that the humidity isn’t set too low, recommended humidity is 45~50%
    • Make sure that the unit has plenty of space all around to allow for sufficient air circulation
    • If the unit is sitting on a concrete floor elevate the unit a few inches off the floor
    • Turn off and unplug the unit for 4-6 hours

    When a unit runs and begins to accumulate ice on the front panel and/or above the bucket area the unit is low on refrigerant. It will cycle into P1 more often and sometimes stay in this mode.

  • Why does the dehumidifier need to be to be upright 24 hours before running for the first time?

    It’s necessary for the oils in the compressor to settle before turning the unit on, not doing so can affect the performance of the unit.

  • Is my dehumidifier under recall?

    Only 3 model numbers that have ever been recalled are PA30, PA50 and PA65.

  • Why is the water collecting in the bucket instead of going through the attached hose?

    Check that the hose connection is secure and that there aren’t any kinks or blockage in the hose. The hose should always slope downward not go vertical or in an upward direction. If the hose is clean and water flows out freely, check the placement of the unit.

    The unit not being level could be another factor as to why it’s collecting water in the bucket and not out of the drain hose. Make sure that the unit is level. If there is a slight slope to the floor, adjust the unit so that the hose is closest to the drain. In units that were stored for the winter, for an extended period of time or in a highly dusty area, there may be grime build up in the main water outlet that connects to the drain accessories. Use a pipe cleaner to help clear the buildup by inserting the pipe cleaner in the main water outlet.

  • Why is my dehumidifier generating heat?

    It is normal for the unit to produce heat. As humidity is passing through a dehumidifier, it is designed to remove the moisture from the air. After this process is complete, the air free of moisture is reheated and released as dry air. The rise in temperature is also due to the compressor running.

  • Why won’t the filter go back into the dehumidifier?

    Check the filter and make sure that it isn’t cracked, bent or torn. If the filter is in good condition, remove the filter and check the water reservoir for a plastic black cover about 1″ x 2″. With a flashlight, from above the filter opening, look to see if anything is blocking the path. Look thru the front grill starting at the top right hand corner about 1/3 of the way down. You will see a box that is 1″ x 1″ X 2″ attached to the coils, this is the sensor box. Make sure that the box has a cover. If you find the cover inside where the filter goes or in the water reservoir use the pictures provided to reattach the cover and box to its proper location on the coils.

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