There’s a few reasons why the unit may not be producing mist, check the following:

Does the unit power on? Does the red light turn green when you turn the knob to the on position?
You should see a bright red light. When the knob is turned to the right the light should turn green.

Do you hear any noise coming from the unit?
The unit will make a soft humming noise while running.

Place your hand over the mist output. Do you feel air blowing?
If you don’t feel any air coming from the mist output the fan has gone out on the unit.

Has the base of the unit been cleaned as per the cleaning instructions?
Follow the cleaning instructions. Let the solution sit in the base for 5-10 mins. Pour the solution out, with a soft washcloth wipe the unit and the nebulizer down. Try running the unit again.

Over a sink, turn the water tank upside down. There should be a small metal square along the side. Is this in place?
The metal square is a magnet. This needs to be in place in order for the unit to work. If you are missing the magnet please contact us at 877-365-6274 to order a replacement.

Has the nebulizer been touched?
Please remember not to touch the nebulizer when cleaning the unit. The oils from your fingers will stick to the nebulizer and prevent mist from producing.