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16 ft. Large Commercial Dehumidifier Vent Hose

Model #PACDH16LG

Meet the ultimate sidekick to your Perfect Aire Damp2Dry commercial dehumidifier - our 16ft. vent hose! With its durable polyester neoprene construction and compressible spring steel wire helix design, this hose easily attaches to redirect heated exhaust, drying saturated areas faster and more efficiently. Plus, its retractable feature allows for convenient storage and easy transport. Don't let dampness bring you down - upgrade to our vent hose today!

• 16 ft. hose designed to easily attach to Perfect AireⓇ Damp2DryⓇ commercial dehumidifiers

• Redirects heated exhaust to help dry saturated areas faster and more efficiently

• Durable polyester neoprene construction

• Spring steel wire helix design for compressibility

• Retractability allows for convenient storage  and easy transport

• Fits Damp to Dry® dehumidifier models 1PACD150, 2PACD200


Unit Width (in.): 9.0

Unit Height (in.): 9.0

Unit Depth (in.): 192.0

Unit Weight (lb.): 4.75