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Keep the air around you dry and comfortable.

Air Conditioners

Keep your cool when the weather heats up.

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems

Comfortably fits into any style and space.

Comfort That Is Built To Last

A Comfortable Experience

To us, comfort is personal. It’s the air we breathe. The relief we feel—from summer to winter, at home, at work and at play. We’re right there with you. Quality care is everything to us. That’s why we partner with you to find the right solution for your space. We’ve got your back with innovative products that are stylish, efficient, easy to use and designed to deliver.

You At The Center

Founded in 2009, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, but what we stand for remains the same: top-notch service and support. As a privately-owned company, we have the flexibility to put our plans into action to thoughtfully respond to customer requests, streamline the buying process and deliver the latest technology to you.

A Perfect Mix Of Performance And Efficiency

Serving both residential and commercial markets as a manufacturer and supplier, we connect customers with the products they need, delivered direct and on time—plain and simple. So you’re never left out in the cold.

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What is everyone saying?

If you are looking for a new AC, this is definitely the one to get. Once you size your room, and measure your window opening the rest is easy to pick out the correct size AC for the room and window size. My bedroom is now the coldest room in the house and works as it should. Would highly recommend this for any room that needs cooling. (5PAC6000)

Peter W – Amazon

I had seen this humidifier on display in the store & was amazed by the fact that it had everything I was looking for. Most importantly, it is so quiet compared to my other humidifier. It has a sharp appearance. Great for cold winters here in Michigan, allergies, sinuses & colds. Highly recommended. (PAU13)

Tina J – Ace Hardware

I travel a lot for work and this is perfect! Hotels in different areas can be very dry from the heat and a/c. if you're a sinus sufferer this is a must! (PAU1)

Denise – Wayfair

This is a REAL air conditioner, not a "swamp cooler". This machine is the real deal - it blows a focused stream of cool air where you need it. It is surprisingly quiet - combined motor, compressor, and fan noise is more than quiet enough to listen to music, TV or books on tape. This unit has made it possible to be outside by the pool in 100º weather. Highly recommended. (SPOT6800)

dahboss – Amazon

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