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Work from Home Office Must Haves

Work from Home Office Must Haves

With many of us working from home, having the perfect home office set up is important to stay productive, organized, and comfortable! We put together a list of work-from-home essential products that you didn’t know you needed!

Work From Home Must-Haves (That You Didn’t Know You Needed)

1. UV Phone Sanitizer

With the current pandemic, do you find yourself purchasing disinfectant wipes over and over again? It’s time to ditch the wipes and get a UV Sanitizer. A Portable UV Sanitizer is better than wipes with a more effective deep cleaning method, no liquid streaks, no chemicals, and no waste which makes it better for the environment!

UV Sanitizers use ultra-violet light to effectively disinfect your belongings by killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in a 5-minute cycle! The UV-C ultraviolet light breaks down bacteria and viruses at the DNA and RNA level, leaving them unable to function or reproduce. The compact size of a UV Sanitizer makes it perfect for your home office desk to quickly sanitize your office products such as your phone, writing utensils, earphones, and anything else that can fit inside! Just plug it into your laptop and start sanitizing!

2. Footrest

Sitting at a desk for a long period of time can cause body pain in your feet, legs, and/or hips. Having a footrest under your desk can reduce the pressure on your feet and improve circulation. A footrest will also increase your comfort and improve your posture by elevating your legs while you work!

3. Lap Desk

If you like to take a break from your office and move to the couch, bed, or your favorite chair, then a lap desk is the perfect work-from-home gadget for you! A lap desk is designed to make your workflow more efficient by improving productivity without having to comprise comfort.

Most lap desks include a wide surface for your laptop, tablet, book, or notebook; a slot for your cell phone, and a surface to be used as a mouse pad. Some more expensive lap desks also include cup holders for your beverage, built-in reading lights, wrist pads, and more cool and unique features!

4. Personal Humidifier

Do you suffer from allergy symptoms? Congestion? Dry Skin? All of the above? Then a personal humidifier is essential for your workspace. Humidifiers bring moisture back into the air in the form of refreshing mist to improve the overall indoor air quality of your space. So even though you do not suffer from any of these health issues, having a humidifier in your room can bring so many benefits!

Having a humidifier on your desk will bring you more comfort while you work! Tip: If you work a 9-5 job, find a humidifier that can run for at least 8 hours!

5. Beverage Warmer

This gadget is essential for your home office desk for caffeine lovers who drink coffee throughout the day! A beverage warmer maintains the heat in your coffee or tea and keeps your beverage tasting fresh throughout the day without having to take multiple trips to the microwave, so you can focus on your work!

6. Space Heater

Do you find yourself bundling up in blankets during work in this winter season? On top of the winter temperatures, sitting in the same spot for 8 hours with no physical activity can make you feel even chillier. A space heater is a great addition to your home office during the winter to make your space cozy and comfortable for you! Another bonus? Space heaters can also help you save more with your heating bills!

Tip: If you want a heater you can use all year round, a fan heater is a perfect choice! Fan heaters provide warm heat in the winter and can be used as a fan for a cool breeze in the summer! If you need a space heater that can quickly warm up your whole room, look for a heater with an oscillation feature!

7. Memory Foam Cushion

A cushion for your seat can provide pain relief to your back, tailbone, legs, and hips if you are sitting for long periods of time. If you have a hard wooden chair in your home office, a cushion can provide great support and comfort for your body while you work. A cushion can also reduce fatigue, improve your posture, and keep you comfortable throughout the day!

8. Light Therapy Lamp

The winter blues are real. As the sky gets darker earlier during the winter season, we find ourselves at a loss of energy and motivation. A light therapy lamp mimics the full spectrum of light found in daylight to decrease fatigue and improve energy levels! This gadget is perfect to keep on your desk to increase your productivity throughout the day.

Tip: If you are in Zoom calls all day or use video communication for your work on a daily basis, another great use of a therapy lamp is to use it as lighting for a more professional appearance through video calls.

9. Desk Cycle

With many gyms being closed during the pandemic, we have to find creative ways to stay active at home. When staying at home all the time, it can be difficult to set a time for a workout. Also, if you have a more demanding job and find little to no time for exercise every day, this desk cycle is a must-have for your home office!

A desk cycle allows you to burn calories while just sitting at your desk while you work! Desk cycles are effective for improving blood circulation and muscle toning. Desk cycles are available in under-desk or standing models depending on your personal preference and comfort!

10. Water Bottle with Time Marker

When busy and consumed with work, oftentimes we forget to drink water or drink enough water! Having a bottle with a time marker to remind you how much water to drink is a great way to keep track of your water consumption! This is the perfect water bottle to have next to you on your home office desk to make sure you stay healthy and hydrated while you work!

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