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Frequently Asked Questions

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Air Conditioning

A longer exhaust hose is not available for this unit. The use of a longer exhaust hose can affect the performance and efficiency of the unit.

It is best to plug the unit in directly to the outlet and avoid using an extension cord. If an extension cord is needed, use a heavy-duty extension cord of the appropriate gauge for your unit.

After having removed, cleaned, dried, and replaced the filter press and hold the Filter button. In PORT units, press and hold the Sleep button for 3 seconds to turn the filter light off. This will reset the filter timer.

When the Follow Me feature is activated, the remote will then act as the thermostat instead of the unit, helping to further extended the unit's cooling range. To activate the Follow Me feature, point the remote control towards the unit and press the “Follow Me” button. The remote will display the actual temperature at its current location. The remote control will send this signal to the air conditioner every 3 minutes until the Follow Me button is pressed again. If the unit does not receive the Follow Me signal during any 7-minute interval, the unit will beep to indicate the Follow Me mode has ended.

PACH models are still primarily cooling units with electric heat capability. When operating in Heat mode, the unit takes the outside air and passes it through its electric strips producing warm air. These units are meant to be used for supplemental heat, not as a main heating source.

Check that the unit is properly installed and level. Make sure there is nothing on the outside or around the unit. Look through the air vents and louvers to see if any of the fan blades are damaged. Please contact consumer services for additional support at 844-472-2473, Monday-Friday, from 8:30AM-4:30PM CST.

Do NOT drill a hole in the unit; this can damage the refrigerant lines or other critical components of the machine, voiding the warranty.

In areas with high humidity, the unit may collect excess condensation. However, if you installed the unit correctly following the user manual, the excess water will drain out of the back of the machine. The back fan blade is designed to sling water onto the coils, which helps with efficiency and prevents overheating.

Drilling a hole into the unit will void the warranty.

Our portable units have an internal reservoir that accumulates condensation over time. Once that reservoir reaches maximum capacity, the unit will stop operating to keep it from overflowing, and the bucket full code will show on the display. This indicates it’s time to drain the reservoir. The water reservoir will have to be emptied out more frequently on days when there is higher humidity. These units also come with the option to attach a tube or hose for continuous draining.

The filters for the portable units are built into the back cover.

It’s necessary for the oils in the compressor to settle before turning the unit on, not doing so can affect the performance of the unit.

Technical Support

Technical Support Services & Warranty: (844) 472-2473

Canada Technical Support | Assistance technique au Canada: (877) 997-2473

Dealer Sales Support & General Inquiries: (888) 752-7995

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